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Brewing the perfect pot of tea from loose tea leaves is a lot easier with Tea Concepts’ Teapot Pouches. All the quality of loose leaf tea in a package as convenient as a teabag.

Teapot Pouches, the Ideal Foodservice Solution
At Tea Concepts, we know the perfect amount needed to brew a teapot of every one of our premium teas. Each pouch is sized to provide the optimum brew in a teapot between 15 and 20fl.oz, as used in most restaurants and cafes.

Pouches eliminate the mess of loose leaf tea, provide exact portion control and simplify inventory management. You won’t need to worry about measuring the tea, you simply slide a pouch into the teapot, add water and serve. Altogether the ideal foodservice solution. .
Contact Tea Concepts today, and find out how exquisite teas from around the world can create a new experience for your customers.
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Teapot Pouches are the ideal solution for restaurants, lounges, clubs and spas.

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